Principal's message

Welcome to Gladstone Street School. Gladstone is the largest elementary school in the Cranston School District. The K-5 school enrollment is approximately 511 students and this population celebrates diversity and represents over eight different cultures and languages.


Gladstone houses the district’s sheltered classrooms for kindergarten through grade 5.  These classrooms support multilingual learners that may be new to the country or beginning to acquire the English language.  


Gladstone’s faculty and staff are dedicated professionals who work to ensure that all our students achieve academic success and social emotional growth by facilitating an authentic rigorous learning environment that will motivate, challenge, and engage our students.  The students are provided voice and choice in ways that develop student ownership through collaborative and personalized learning which invokes curiosity and fosters a growth mindset.  

Teachers use formative and summative data, tech tools, and reflection to meet the needs of all students in the school community.  Gladstone Street School promotes: Academic Rigor, Mastery, Differentiation, Positive Student Relationships with teachers and peers, and Student-Driven Classroom environments.

Our school promotes a variety of student initiatives, works to increase parent engagement opportunities, and works on building community partnerships.  Our school community prides ourselves on doing whatever it takes to foster student learning and success. We invite you to become a part of our school community.  Please feel free to contact me at the school 270-8080 should you have any questions.


Mrs. Susan Buonanno

Gladstone Principal