Principal's message

 Welcome to Gladstone Street Elementary School!  Gladstone’s students and their families have roots that span this world and reflect the wonderful diversity in our City of Cranston.   The bond between our faculty, staff, and families is very strong, and we are committed to supporting our learners so they can do their very best.  The connected school community of Gladstone is one of the school’s strongest assets and makes this a very special place.  We want our students to love learning and love coming to school, whether it is in person or virtual.


     Gladstone is the biggest elementary school in Cranston and has students in Kindergarten through grade 5!  However, our effort to personalize learning helps to make our learning community feel small, even in the different educational environment we are learning in this year.  Gladstone’s teachers provide an education that follows the common core curriculum and seek to support students in every way possible on their educational journey.  Our programs support all learners, including Multi Language Learners and students who receive special education.  A unique feature of our school is that it houses Cranston Public Schools’ sheltered Multi Language Learner classrooms, which provide a structured and nurturing environment to learners who are working hard to acquire skills in English as they learn our rigorous curriculum.  To support our effort to educate the whole child, our students also learn about music, health, media, and art and do so in an environment that is immaculate because every effort is made to keep our school clean, sanitary, and safe.  In addition, Gladstone houses Cranston Public Schools Family Center/ Children Opportunity Zone, which works directly with families to provide support and needed resources.  Together, let’s strive to instill life-long values in our students to work hard, always do their best, and support each other as a team.  Our school will always welcome you and do anything we can to help, so please feel free to contact us at 401-270-8080 or email me at if you ever need assistance. 


Yours truly,


Paul DePalma